Why Sudoku is Popular with Celebrities

Why Sudoku is Popular with Celebrities


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris was quoted in People magazine a few years ago as saying that he has an addiction to Sudoku. Neil Patrick Harris is one of the most respected actors in America and is often praised for his intellect and grace under pressure – both of which are skills that Sudoku players can try to improve by playing Sudoku online.

Dr. House

Although Dr. House (of Fox’s long-running medical drama “House, M.D.”) is a fictional character, he was depicted playing Sudoku on an episode of the show while trying to solve a patient’s difficult-to-diagnose illness. This makes sense to show the character of Dr. House playing Sudoku, since Sudoku is often considered a “brain game” that can help people stay mentally sharp and refresh their thinking.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is one of America’s most beloved comedians, with a comedy career spanning several decades. She is listed as one of several celebrities who play Sudoku. Joan Rivers is 81 years old and she has spoken openly in interviews about the challenges and freedoms of aging.

Many people who are age 60 and over find that Sudoku can help them feel more energetic in their thought processes, and some researchers have found evidence to suggest that “brain games” like Sudoku can improve mental acuity and cognitive skills and perhaps reduce the risk of dementia. No matter what age you are, there are benefits to playing Sudoku.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

The wife of the future King of England is also listed here as a celebrity who likes to play Sudoku. American celebrities aren’t the only ones who play Sudoku – this is another reminder that Sudoku is a truly global game that has a passionate following in countries all over the world.

Whether you’re a Sudoku beginner or an aspiring “Sudoku celebrity,” you can improve your skills by playing Sudoku daily and reading our helpful how-to articles to learn new Sudoku strategies.