Why Sudoku is a Great Puzzle Game for Business Travelers

Why Sudoku is a Great Puzzle Game for Business Travelers


For all of these reasons, it’s important for business travelers to find a way to decompress and rejuvenate during their business trips. This means that Sudoku could be an ideal traveling companion for your next trip. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of happy or unhappy business travelers, one of the best things you can do on your next business trip is to play Sudoku online.

Here are a few reasons why Sudoku is a great puzzle game for business travelers:

Sudoku is Easily Portable

You can play Sudoku anywhere! You can play Sudoku online or with a Sudoku mobile app, or if you’re “old fashioned” you can use pencil and paper and play Sudoku in a newspaper or in a Sudoku puzzle book. This makes it easy to bring Sudoku with you on your next business trip.

Sudoku is Relaxing

When people are traveling for business, playing Sudoku is a great way to relax, pass the time in airports or on planes waiting to de-board, or in the hotel room at the end of the night after dinner with clients. Many people who love Sudoku enjoy the meditative internal rhythm of placing numbers in the blank spaces and gradually building momentum toward solving the puzzle.

Sudoku Energizes Your Brain

Sudoku is a brain game that is thought to improve mental acuity and cognitive ability – many Sudoku players also find that Sudoku provides nice little respites during the day so they can divert their focus and get new energy and inspiration for the work they’re doing. So on your next business trip, try to take your mind off work and re-energize your mind with Sudoku.

Sudoku Gives You “Alone Time”

If you’re an introvert, business travel can be tough – you’re often expected to interact with a lot more new people than you typically would on a regular work day – ticket agents, flight attendants, cab drivers, clients, etc. That’s why playing Sudoku on your business trip can give you some precious time to yourself – it’s a silent, solitary activity that can give you some time to recharge your batteries for social interactions.

No matter what you do for a living, maybe you should plan to make Sudoku part of your regular routine for your next business trip. Just don’t get caught playing Sudoku during a client meeting.