Why Playing Sudoku Requires Skill and Never Luck

Why Playing Sudoku Requires Skill and Never Luck


Sudoku does not require luck. Sudoku does not require guessing. In fact, when solving Sudoku puzzles, you’re better off NOT guessing at all.

Here are a few reasons why Sudoku requires skill instead of luck:

There’s No “Luck” in “Logic”

Sudoku is a logic puzzle, using the power of simple deductive reasoning and process of elimination to fill in the gaps in the grid. Simply put – you don’t need luck to play Sudoku. You just need a clear-eyed view of the grid, an ability to focus, and the determination to keep going even when things are difficult. The concept of luck is totally irrelevant to the hard work of plugging away and bringing your mind to bear on the Sudoku grid.

Guessing is Counterproductive

Sometimes Sudoku players will feel tempted to guess. If you can’t figure out which number goes in an empty space, it might seem like a good idea to just guess which number is the right one, and move forward from there. But unfortunately, guessing might ultimately bring you farther away from solving the Sudoku puzzle.

If you guess wrong, and then that wrong number becomes the basis for additional faulty assumptions about the puzzle, you might end up creating a series of confusing errors that end up with you abandoning the puzzle in frustration.

Hoping for Luck Can Stunt Your Growth as a Sudoku Player

If you’re trying to guess or look for lucky shortcuts, you’re ultimately just shortchanging your own development of Sudoku solving skills. Learning to play Sudoku is a skill that does not involve luck or fluky chances – the best players know the fundamentals of the game, they know how to analyze a Sudoku grid, and they know how to apply a rigorous vision and thought process to Sudoku solving techniques. None of this has anything to do with luck – it’s all about work.

If you put in the time to practice your Sudoku puzzle solving skills and learn the “how” and “why” of the game, you’ll be much better off than someone who (wrongly) believes that Sudoku is a matter of luck.

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