Why Pay for Sudoku When You Can Play Free Sudoku Games?

Why Pay for Sudoku When You Can Play Free Sudoku Games?


More Variety

Sudoku is a game of nearly infinite complexity with billions of possible Sudoku puzzle combinations. There are excellent online Sudoku puzzle generators that offer up countless possibilities for new Sudoku grids, and all for free. You don’t have to be limited to the number of puzzles in a Sudoku book – instead, you can get access to an infinite amount of Sudoku puzzles online.

More Mobility

In the early years of the Sudoku craze, people played the puzzles in small notepad-sized paper books, with pencil or pen in hand. Now that we all carry smartphones and mobile devices in our pockets, it’s even easier and less cumbersome to take Sudoku games wherever we go.

More Speed

Playing Sudoku on paper can be frustrating and inefficient – what if you accidentally enter the wrong number and have to go back and erase what you’ve done? Playing free Sudoku games online is much better because you can often get hints, or undo a bad move, or just click “New Puzzle” to start an entirely new grid with a clean slate.

More Variations

If you get tired of playing a regular Sudoku game or just want a new challenge, there are also many other Sudoku variations available to play for free online. Some popular Sudoku variations include Kakuro (which is Sudoku with an additional element of doing math problems), Jigsaw Sudoku (where you have to use the numbers 1-9, just like in regular Sudoku, but in a different arrangement of boxes within the grid), and Wordoku (where the game uses letters instead of numbers). Playing online Sudoku games makes it easier to try lots of different types of Sudoku puzzles without having to spend any money.

With all of the excellent options to play Sudoku online for free, you’ll never have to pay for Sudoku again.