Why is Sudoku One of the Most Popular Games for Seniors?

Why is Sudoku One of the Most Popular Games for Seniors?


Sudoku is a “Brain Game”

Just as people have to exercise our bodies in order to stay physically fit, we also need to “exercise” our brains. Many seniors are interested in keeping their minds sharp and in continuing to strengthen their cognitive abilities as they get older. Some studies have suggested that playing “brain games” like Sudoku might help people reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, or dementia as they get older.

Sudoku promotes logic, deduction and problem solving

One of the challenges of being an adult is that it often seems we spend more and more time thinking about the same types of problems. As people progress through a career, they tend to specialize and spend their days becoming experts in a narrow range of expertise. When people retire from their careers, they face the risk of becoming mentally stagnant – without an office to go to each day, without new problems to solve at work, people in retirement might feel underutilized or unchallenged. Sudoku is a popular game for seniors because it helps people reconnect with different parts of their brain that they might not always get to utilize in everyday life. Sudoku trains the mind to use its logical and deductive reasoning skills, while also helping us get better at spotting patterns, filling in gaps, and recognizing opportunities. All of these mental abilities are very important to continue to utilize throughout our lives. As the old saying goes, “Use it or lose it!”

Sudoku creates a sense of order and accomplishment

As people get older, they often tend to value simple pleasures in life. One of the reasons why Sudoku is one of the most popular games for seniors is that it reflects and reinforces the feeling of creating order and getting things done. It’s highly satisfying to work through a Sudoku puzzle from start to finish, filling in the empty spaces and creating a completed grid. In our everyday lives, we don’t always have a clear sense of accomplishment or order – but Sudoku makes it possible to carve out our own little space in life where we can get things done according to clear, easy-to-follow rules.