Why is Playing Sudoku so Popular?

Why is Playing Sudoku so Popular?


Sudoku can be played anywhere

Sudoku is an easily portable game, and is available for download on almost every mobile phone. You can play Sudoku during little moments of down time during the day, during your lunch break, or first thing in the morning with your breakfast coffee. If you commute by train or bus, you can play Sudoku on your way to work. (The easy portability of Sudoku puzzles is one reason why the game originally became so popular in Japan – a country where millions of people have long train rides to work every morning, and love to pass the time with puzzles.)

Sudoku is logical

Sudoku is a logic puzzle, where people use deductive reasoning and search for patterns to find out where to place missing numbers on the grid. The logical structure of the game means that Sudoku is relatively simple and easy to learn how to play.

Sudoku is a global game

Because Sudoku is a “numbers game” based on numbers instead of letters, it’s a broadly appealing game that can be played by people in many cultures and countries. Unlike other popular games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles, you don’t have to speak English or be able to read the English alphabet in order to play Sudoku. Unlike games like Trivial Pursuit, there is no culture-specific knowledge that you need to have to be able to play (for example, you don’t need to know anything about one specific country’s movies, music, sports or politics). Anyone can play Sudoku, anywhere in the world, no matter what language they speak or what culture they’re from.

Sudoku might be good for your health

Many people are becoming more interested in the idea of “brain games” that can help us stay mentally sharp, keep learning and stay mentally healthy throughout our lives. Sudoku is widely believed to help improve our brain function, and recent studies have shown that playing Sudoku can potentially help people reduce their risk of dementia as they get older.

Sudoku is fun!

Perhaps this one is obvious, but playing Sudoku is simply a fun, relaxing way to spend time. There’s something very satisfying and fulfilling about solving Sudoku puzzles and gradually working your way through to the end. Sudoku puzzles give a great sense of accomplishment and completion, and all for just a few minutes per day.

Sudoku puzzles are likely to continue to grow in popularity as more people discover the fun and sense of mental stimulation that comes from solving these number puzzles.