Get Ready for the 2015 World Sudoku Championships

Get Ready for the 2015 World Sudoku Championships

The World Sudoku Championships are the pre-eminent Sudoku tournament in the Sudoku world, with the best players from many countries all over the world coming together to test their skills in a spirit of friendly competition.

The 2014 World Sudoku Championships were held in the UK, and featured teams of four people from 34 countries including China, South Korea, Greece, and the U.S. The 2015 World Sudoku Championships will be the 10th championship tournament of its kind.

During each World Sudoku Championship, the players compete in 11 rounds of 45 minutes each, with over 60 types of Sudoku puzzles. The World Sudoku Championships do not offer any prize money to the winners; it’s just a labor of love organized by Sudoku enthusiasts who want to create a top-flight international competition to bring together some of the most brilliant Sudoku-playing minds in the world.

Here are a few interesting facts and insights about the World Sudoku Championships:

Each Country Selects Its Own Team

Similar to World Cup soccer or the Olympics, every country that participates in the World Sudoku Championships has to select its own national team. To qualify for the national team, players usually need to compete in a national tournament. For example, the UK Puzzle Association hosted a UKPA Open Tournament in March 2015 to be part of the selection process for the UK team that will compete at the 2015 World championships.

Bulgaria is First-Time Host Nation

Previous World Sudoku Championships have been held in countries ranging from the U.S. to the UK to China to India, Slovakia, and Italy. The 2015 championship will be the first tournament to be held in Bulgaria. The tournament hosting honors were awarded unanimously to Bulgaria by the World Puzzle Federation General Assembly in November 2014. Bulgaria has never won a Sudoku medal (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) in the individual or team competitions of the previous World Sudoku Championships, but perhaps this year with a home-country advantage, the Bulgaria Sudoku team will break through to achieve victory!

Bulgaria is a Fascinating Place to Visit

Bulgaria is a country in Eastern Europe that borders Serbia and Greece. It is a member of the European Union and is described by the U.S. State Department as generally safe and welcoming to visitors. Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage of ancient ruins and architecture, beautiful old Orthodox churches and monasteries, along with striking terrain of mountains, forests and beaches on the Black Sea coastline.

The Lonely Planet guide to Bulgaria is a great place to start planning your trip to Bulgaria for the 2015 World Sudoku Championships! Sofia, the capital and host city, is described as a “pleasingly laid-back…largely modern, youthful city” where you can find 3-star hotel accommodations for US$40-$60 per night. 

Are you ready for the 2015 World Sudoku Championships? If you love Sudoku, this might be a great chance to see the world’s best Sudoku players up close and personal in a fun, friendly competition!