6 Sudoku Books to Take Your Sudoku Playing Skills to Another Level

6 Sudoku Books to Take Your Sudoku Playing Skills to Another Level


Sudoku books can be a good way to learn how to play Sudoku, because they give you the chance to think about Sudoku and approach the game from a fresh perspective, without the pressure of actually being in the midst of playing a game.

Instead of trying to make quick decisions and fill in the blank spaces, reading Sudoku books gives you more time to process the information and try to practically apply the lessons to how you play Sudoku.

Instead of trying to learn from “in-game” situations, reading Sudoku books can give you some valuable training and help you adjust your thought process to solve Sudoku puzzles more efficiently.

Here are a few ideas for great Sudoku books to help you learn how to improve your Sudoku playing skills:

How to Solve Sudoku: A Step-by-Step Guide

This Sudoku book offers detailed guidelines for how to approach the process of solving Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku aficionado Robin Wilson offers 52 tips, tricks and insights that will help you see the Sudoku grid with greater energy.

Master Sudoku: Step-by-Step Instructions for Players at All Levels

This book was written by Carol Vorderman, the leading Sudoku expert in the UK, who offers 200 Sudoku puzzles with clear instructions and puzzle-solving secrets that will help you spot patterns, uncover opportunities, and solve Sudoku puzzles faster than ever before.

Mastering Sudoku Week By Week: 52 Steps to Becoming a Sudoku Master

Would you like a Sudoku book that offers you a longer-term program of Sudoku lessons? This book gives you 52 weeks – one year’s worth – of stages of Sudoku examples, explanations, tactics and tips, along with self-testing and timed puzzles so you can track your progress.

Sudoku for Dummies, Volume 2

If you’re new to playing Sudoku, there’s no better place to start than with “Sudoku for Dummies.” This book is full of new Sudoku puzzles to try, plus a dedicated chapter explaining how to solve Sudoku puzzles, plus a detailed list of Sudoku puzzle answers at the back of the book.

Mensa® Guide to Solving Sudoku

Or if you are an experienced Sudoku player and you want to take an approach to learning Sudoku that goes beyond the “for Dummies” level, try this book from the Mensa® organization (for people with high IQs).

This book offers an intelligent array of Sudoku solving techniques, such as hidden pairs, naked pairs, X-wings and more. Learn the high-level strategies necessary to solve the hardest Sudoku puzzles fast!