4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game

4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game


Sudoku is Simple… And Complex

Sudoku is a seemingly simple game – based on placing the numbers 1 through 9 in a total of 81 blank spaces, without repeating any numbers within any row, column or square. And yet within these 81 spaces on the grid, there is an infinite array of possible combinations. Every Sudoku row, column or square can become a minefield of complexity and challenge.

Sudoku Requires a Wide Variety of Cognitive Skills

Sudoku is a logic puzzle, but there’s a lot more to Sudoku than just logic. Sudoku requires you to exercise a variety of mental “muscles” – from deductive reasoning to pattern recognition to memory. Before long, you’ll hone your vision of the grid and develop almost a “sixth sense” for where the next opportunity will arise to place numbers. Sudoku is fun because it rewards such a diverse range of cognitive skills. It’s like a “full body workout” for your brain.

Sudoku is Highly Portable

In the “old days” when Sudoku first became popular, people used to play Sudoku on paper or in small books of Sudoku puzzles. But with the rise of the Internet and mobile technology, today’s Sudoku players can enjoy their favorite puzzle game online and on mobile apps. You can take Sudoku with you wherever you go, and play Sudoku on any occasion – at home and on the road. (Just don’t play Sudoku while driving!)

Sudoku is Surprising

Every game of Sudoku is different, and each game has its own unique character and momentum as you play through it. You never know when the next number-placing opportunity will arise. You never know which part of the grid will be rich with opportunity, or will turn out to be a dead end. And on the other side of the spectrum, Sudoku can also be unexpectedly exciting, because the big breakthrough can come at any time!

You might be feeling stuck and having a hard time placing any new numbers, when suddenly you place one number, then another, then another, then the floodgates open and the entire grid is full before you realize it.

All of these factors are a big part of the reason why Sudoku is such a popular, beloved pastime for millions of people. The array of skills, the complexity and fun of the challenge, the portability, and the element of surprise all combine to make Sudoku perhaps the world’s most perfect puzzle game.

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