4 Reasons Sudoku is One of the Best Puzzle Games

4 Reasons Sudoku is One of the Best Puzzle Games


Here are a few reasons why Sudoku has become one of the world’s most beloved puzzle games:

It makes your brain feel good

Sudoku is a logic puzzle, which exercises the left hemisphere of the brain. Doing Sudoku puzzles is fundamentally satisfying because it helps us “flex the muscles” in a part of our brain that might not always get a lot of use during our everyday lives. Not everyone gets to be a problem solver in our daily routines and jobs – Sudoku puzzles give our brains a satisfying-yet-challenging escape from the day-to-day grind. Or if you work in a more “creative” line of work (where you have to use the right side of your brain), Sudoku can give you a chance to use the opposite hemisphere to keep your mind sharp.

You can play it anywhere

Sudoku is easily portable, whether it’s a book of Sudoku puzzles that you fill out by hand with pencil or pen, or a mobile Sudoku app for your phone. You can play Sudoku almost anywhere – while riding the train or bus, while waiting for an appointment, or while taking a road trip. Sudoku is an ideal way to fill the idle spaces in your day with something intellectually stimulating. Just don’t get caught playing Sudoku while sitting in a business meeting – or while serving on a jury; in 2008, jurors in Australia were reprimanded by the judge for playing Sudoku while they were supposed to be paying attention to a trial (which had to be aborted as a result of the jurors’ inattention). Sudoku is a fun and compelling game, but don’t let it interfere with your life!

It’s fast

Sudoku is a great puzzle game because you can play it as much or as little as you want, whenever you can fit it into your day. You can play Sudoku for just a few minutes at a time, or for hours – you can complete multiple puzzles in one sitting, or linger over a more challenging puzzle at various intervals throughout the day, coming back to the puzzle grid with fresh eyes to spot new opportunities to place numbers.

You can make it easy or hard

Sudoku puzzles are available in a range of difficulty levels, so you can gradually raise the level of the challenge to test your evolving problem-solving skills. Or if you just want the rush of quickly completing a less-challenging puzzle, you can choose an easier skill level.

Sudoku is likely to be a popular puzzle game for many years to come, because it provides such a primal sense of satisfaction and challenge. Sudoku players love the thrill of expanding their problem-solving skills and feeling a sense of order and completion.