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4 Unexpected Reasons to Play Sudoku Daily

Sudoku - 4 Unexpected Reasons to Play Sudoku Daily

Sudoku is a fun, challenging, mentally stimulating game. Lots of people find that Sudoku can feel almost addictive – you want to keep playing it as much as possible, and the better you get, the more you enjoy the game.

Sudoku is such a popular game in part because it’s so versatile. Anyone can play Sudoku, in any location, at almost any time. And if you make Sudoku a regular part of your routine, you will find that your life is a lot more fun.

Here are a few reasons why you should play Sudoku daily: Continue reading

4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game - 4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game

Sudoku is a unique puzzle game that offers a variety of cognitive challenges – logic, deductive reasoning, memory, pattern seeking, and problem solving. Sudoku has become so popular because it appeals to a wide range of people across cultures, because it’s easy to play anywhere, because it has a simple premise with a rich array of complex outcomes.

Sudoku is fun, fulfilling, and sometimes devilishly challenging – it has something to offer everyone on the spectrum from casual fans to hardcore enthusiasts and world-class competitors.

There are many reasons why Sudoku has captured the imagination of so many people – here are a few reasons why Sudoku is, perhaps, the perfect puzzle game: Continue reading

Happy New Year! Why Not Learn How to Play Sudoku in 2015?

The New Year is a time of renewal, re-energizing, and re-evaluating how we want to spend our time. Many people make New Year’s resolutions or decide to take up a new hobby in the New Year ahead; some people want to improve their health or relax more or otherwise take better care of themselves. So why not combine a few of these goals by deciding to learn how to play Sudoku this year?

There are a few reasons why you might want to add “learning Sudoku” to your list of New Year’s Resolutions: Continue reading

Why Playing Sudoku Requires Skill and Never Luck - Why Playing Sudoku Requires Skill and Never Luck

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular puzzle games, but it is often misunderstood. Many people think that Sudoku is a game of luck – they think that you should have to guess which numbers belong in each empty place.

But the truth is, Sudoku is a game of logic and skill, not luck. The best Sudoku players develop an ability to intuitively “know” which number to place next, and they build upon their momentum as they move throughout the grid – but this is not a matter of luck; it’s a matter of hard-earned experience that makes it possible for Sudoku players to recognize patterns and spot opportunities almost before they arise. Continue reading

4 Personality Traits of Amazing Sudoku Players - 4 Personality Traits of Amazing Sudoku Players

Sudoku is a seemingly simple game that is actually built upon many levels of seemingly infinite complexity. Although Sudoku is played by millions of people throughout the world, only a tiny percentage of the most skilled Sudoku players ever rise to the level of playing in a Sudoku championship.

We wrote an article a while ago about Sudoku tips from World Champion Thomas Snyder, where we discussed some of the thought processes and habits of mind that American Sudoku master Thomas Snyder uses for solving Sudoku puzzles. Continue reading

3 Wild and Crazy Stories About People Playing Sudoku


Sudoku is a seemingly simple game of placing numbers in empty spaces on a 9×9 grid – but this straightforward game has led to some rather extreme examples of people going all out to play Sudoku. Some people joke about being “Sudoku addicts,” but it’s true – the game can be so incredibly compelling that some people can’t stop playing Sudoku, even when they know that they really should stop. Continue reading

Why Sudoku is a Great Puzzle Game for Business Travelers

Business travel is one of those things that people tend to love or hate – some people enjoy getting out of the office and out of the house and enjoy seeing new scenery in new cities; other people dislike the hassles of travel and dread the hours spent waiting in airports. One challenge of business travel is that it can be stressful – you have all of the expectations of your regular job, but with the added pressure of having to get up earlier than usual to catch a flight, find your way around a new city, and perhaps take clients out for dinner and drinks after a long day of travel and work. Continue reading

Why Sudoku is Popular with Celebrities

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular brain games, but it’s not just for “brainiacs” – lots of popular celebrities also love to play Sudoku. Several prominent actors, musicians and politicians have been interviewed talking about how much they love to play Sudoku. If you’re wondering who are some of the celebrity Sudoku players, here are a few of their stories: Continue reading

Why Pay for Sudoku When You Can Play Free Sudoku Games?


Sudoku has quickly become one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, but in the “old days” before the spread of smartphones and mobile devices, most people had to play Sudoku on paper. A few years ago, if you wanted to play Sudoku, you had to buy a newspaper with daily Sudoku puzzles or pay for a book of Sudoku puzzles.

Today, it’s possible to play free Sudoku games online. The idea of paying for Sudoku seems rather strange when there are so many great free Sudoku games online. Here are a few reasons why free Sudoku games are such a wonderful choice to keep your brain stimulated: Continue reading