Want to Teach Your Kid to Think Logically? Try Sudoku Puzzles for Kids!

Want to Teach Your Kid to Think Logically? Try Sudoku Puzzles for Kids!


Sudoku Teaches Patience

Many parents worry that their kids are growing up in an on-demand, instant gratification culture where there’s too much technology and too many video games. Sudoku is a great way to teach your kids the value of patience, because the game involves a lot of thinking, reflection, and careful decision-making.

People who play Sudoku tend to have calm, organized, methodical thought processes for how to solve Sudoku puzzles, and this can be a very valuable skill for kids to learn at a young age. The same types of patience and careful focus on problem-solving that help kids play Sudoku can also be helpful in other areas of school and life.

Sudoku is Fun to Play on Mobile Devices

Kids love mobile devices. Many parents find that even young toddlers can quickly figure out how to use smartphones and tablets to play games on a level that their parents never would have imagined when they were that age. S

udoku started out on paper, being printed in daily newspapers and in Sudoku books, but today one of the biggest places to play Sudoku is online – on websites or in Sudoku mobile apps. This makes Sudoku an ideal pastime for kids to play while in the car or on vacation or during the weekend – instead of having your kids play an over-stimulating video game, Sudoku can be a quieter game to enjoy on the mobile device.

Sudoku Helps Kids Feel More “Grown Up”

Kids love to do whatever their parents are doing – they’re often very interested in watching grown-up TV shows, playing board games with Mom and Dad, or doing outdoor activities like bike rides and sports along with their parents.

Sudoku can be another fun activity to share with your kids, and your kids will enjoy learning how to play a game that used to seem like it was only for grown-ups. Teach your kids the rules of Sudoku, or play Sudoku games together. Soon your kids will grasp the basic concepts of the game and will be solving Sudoku puzzles faster than you can!

Sudoku Helps Kids Concentrate

Many parents worry today that their kids are growing up with too little attention span. Sudoku helps teach focus and concentration and rewards the behavior of “seeing it through” to the end – it’s a delayed gratification activity that gives kids the satisfaction of solving Sudoku puzzles and a “job well done.”

Sudoku is a great activity for kids because it improves their cognitive skills such as focus, patience and problem-solving, and it also gives kids a fun activity to play on mobile devices. Instead of worrying that your kids spend too much time watching TV or playing video games, Sudoku is a game that parents can wholeheartedly feel good about.