Sudoku for Kids – 5 Reasons to Introduce Your Children to Sudoku

Sudoku for Kids – 5 Reasons to Introduce Your Children to Sudoku


Here are a few compelling reasons why Sudoku for kids can be a good way to improve your children’s growth and development:

Sudoku promotes logical thinking

One of the challenges of raising kids is that they often don’t get a lot of training in school in “how to think.” Many schools “teach to the test” with a strong focus on academic material that is directly related to standardized testing, and it’s not always possible for schools to spend a lot of time on developing logical thinking and reasoning skills. This is one reason why Sudoku for kids is so important – Sudoku can help teach kids learn deductive reasoning skills, even at a young age.

Sudoku teaches decision-making

Sudoku is a game of logic and critical thinking and making quick decisions based upon available evidence. Kids love Sudoku because it gives them more control and independence – instead of many kids’ games where the outcome is rarely in doubt or where there’s not a lot of autonomy for kids to affect the game as it goes along. With Sudoku, kids learn the immediate connection between their actions and the result – if they analyze the problem correctly and use careful reasoning, they will get a good result.

Sudoku helps kids “train their brains”

Some studies have shown that Sudoku might help older adults reduce their risk of cognitive decline, and there is significant brain research happening now which indicates that humans need to exercise their brains in the same way that we exercise our bodies. More parents are becoming interested in introducing their children to the same types of “brain games” to help their own kids promote better cognitive development.

Sudoku is more “active” than other sedentary activities

Many parents worry that their kids spend too much time playing video games, watching TV or staring inertly at screens. Sudoku is a more mentally active, participatory form of recreation – because when kids play Sudoku, their brains are working the entire time.

Sudoku demands attention to detail

Sudoku is a game that rewards players who have a good attention to detail – noticing patterns, spotting opportunities, and finding the right moment to make a move. Promoting kids’ attention to detail can help your kids’ development in a variety of ways – Sudoku can help kids become more orderly and methodical thinkers. Whatever career your kids want to pursue in the future, if they have well-organized minds and solid attention to detail, they’ll be better qualified for almost any job.

Sudoku is not only fun and interesting – it might just help prepare your kids for better success in school and in life.

Do your kids play Sudoku? What benefits or improvements have you seen since they started playing? Leave a comment and let us know!