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How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles – A Complete Walkthrough, Part 1


One of the best ways to learn how to play Sudoku is to watch the step-by-step analysis and process of making decisions in solving an actual Sudoku puzzle. Sudoku is a fascinating game because it combines simple elements (only the number 1 through 9) with infinite possible combinations of how those numbers are arranged – leading to deep complexity and hours of fun and challenge.

To get better acquainted with the rules of Sudoku and basic Sudoku strategies, follow along with this step-by-step guide to solving a Sudoku puzzle: Continue reading

3 Wild and Crazy Stories About People Playing Sudoku


Sudoku is a seemingly simple game of placing numbers in empty spaces on a 9×9 grid – but this straightforward game has led to some rather extreme examples of people going all out to play Sudoku. Some people joke about being “Sudoku addicts,” but it’s true – the game can be so incredibly compelling that some people can’t stop playing Sudoku, even when they know that they really should stop. Continue reading

Have There Ever Been TV Shows for People to Play Sudoku on TV? You Might be Surprised!

Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, and as part of the Sudoku craze a few years ago it was perhaps inevitable that Sudoku would end up on TV. Instead of being confined to a solitary activity of playing Sudoku online or in Sudoku books, Sudoku TV game shows made it possible for people to see Sudoku being played on live TV.

Here are a few of the Sudoku TV game show concepts that have appeared on TV over the years: Continue reading

Why Sudoku is a Great Puzzle Game for Business Travelers

Business travel is one of those things that people tend to love or hate – some people enjoy getting out of the office and out of the house and enjoy seeing new scenery in new cities; other people dislike the hassles of travel and dread the hours spent waiting in airports. One challenge of business travel is that it can be stressful – you have all of the expectations of your regular job, but with the added pressure of having to get up earlier than usual to catch a flight, find your way around a new city, and perhaps take clients out for dinner and drinks after a long day of travel and work. Continue reading

Why Sudoku is Popular with Celebrities

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular brain games, but it’s not just for “brainiacs” – lots of popular celebrities also love to play Sudoku. Several prominent actors, musicians and politicians have been interviewed talking about how much they love to play Sudoku. If you’re wondering who are some of the celebrity Sudoku players, here are a few of their stories: Continue reading