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Intermediate Sudoku Solving Techniques – Part 4: More Multi-Direction Solutions


Solving Sudoku puzzles is an exercise in patience, vision, pattern recognition, and a bit of luck. The more time you spend solving Sudoku puzzles, the better you will get at spotting opportunities within the grid, and finding ways to uncover clues from unexpected places. Playing Sudoku gives you a sense of vision and anticipation that is uniquely satisfying – the best Sudoku players can build momentum and think a few steps ahead, just like chess players. Continue reading

Intermediate Sudoku Solving Techniques Part 3: Solving from Multiple Directions


Sudoku has become one of the world’s most popular puzzle games because of the complexity and mental satisfaction that comes from solving Sudoku puzzles. But if you’re ready to move past the basic Sudoku solving techniques and develop more advanced skills, this article is for you. One of the best ways to get better at solving Sudoku puzzles is to learn to look at the Sudoku grid more broadly – by finding opportunities from multiple directions at once. Continue reading

Intermediate Sudoku Solving Techniques – Part 2: Three Rows at a Time


Once you’re past the “Sudoku beginner” stage, it’s time to ramp up your Sudoku solving skills with some more advanced techniques. Another more advanced Sudoku technique is to focus on part of the grid – just three rows at a time – and methodically work through the numbers 1 through 9 to see if there are any opportunities to solve empty spaces. This technique is important because it enables you to stay clear-headed and focused, and not get distracted by diverting your attention all over the grid. It gives you a repeatable, methodical process for solving Sudoku puzzles. Let’s see how it works. Continue reading

Sudoku Tips and Tricks: Getting a Fast Start

In the early days of Sudoku, the game was played entirely with pen and paper, making for a leisurely experience. Sitting at the breakfast table, with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, Sudoku players would work through a puzzle slowly, enjoying every discovery. Oh, how the world has changed! Online Sudoku is as much about how quickly you can solve Sudoku puzzles as it is about enjoying the process of filling in the board. Continue reading